What is Employee Assistance Program?

Employee Assistance Program (EAP) is an employee benefit program that assists employees with personal or work-related problems that may affect their productivity and output at work. An employee’s mental health and emotional well-being are crucial to his performance at work.

1to1, India’s largest and the only ISO certified professional employee counselling and wellness service platform that provides Psychological Counselling Support, Wellness and Self-Help Resources. Found in 2001, 1to1help was designed to make your workplace and employees more productive in stressful times by identifying and rectifying the challenges that they might be going through. With over 200 clients across 60 locations in 20 cities, 1to1 has conducted over 300,000 counselling and wellness sessions.

With 1to1, users have access to a variety of resources such as online employee counselling, assessments, articles and discussion groups to avail their following services.

  • Counselling
  • Self Help Resources
  • Wellness
  • Manager Support

1to1Help has a couple of value added services

  •  Shift Worker Support Program
  • Healthy Maternity Program
  • Prevention of Sexual Harassment at work
  • Support for Gender Diversity Issues

Author: employeecounselling

1to1 Help is the pioneer and market leader for Mental Wellness in India, in the industry. The company provides services in the following fields. Counseling and Wellness services, Prevention of Sexual Harassment, D&I(Diversity & Intrusion) and Shift Lag. Primary focus through these services is to Enable individuals to make positive changes in their lives offering these services via Corporate HR’s. As an organization, we are passionate about giving better emotional and physical wellness and working towards making individuals happier and stress free.

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