Sexual Harassment at Work and its Prevention

Sexual harassment at workplaces is not hidden anymore with the fact that women go through constant despair because of persistent offensive sexual jokes, inappropriate touching or even posting offensive material on boards at their workplaces. However, many are still ignorant about the thin boundaries that differentiate between a healthy professional behaviour and uncomfortable surroundings at work.

There are two different types of categories of sexual harassment. One is ‘Quid Pro Quo’, and the other is ‘Hostile work environment’. Quid Pro Quo, most commonly recognised harassment occurs when some work benefit is made subject to a sexual favour, or it is implied that the employee will be negatively affected if he or she does not comply. This type usually happens between a supervisor and a subordinate. On the other hand, Hostile Work Environment type of sexual harassment can occur between any employees. It refers to a situation where an employee is offended or is made to feel harassed by other employees.

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Sexual harassment is prohibited just like other social evils in the society are. There are many ways to prevent sexual harassment at work, some of them as below:

  • A strong sexual harassment policy: The policy should begin with a statement about how the organization is committed to providing a zero-tolerance, discrimination and harassment-free workplace.
  • Conduct sexual harassment training and retraining: everyone, especially all supervisors and managers, on at least an annual basis. Everyone in the organization should understand what sexual harassment is and what to do if it occurs.
  • Monitor emails and other electronic communications to scan for harassing content.
  • Never Laugh At Or Encourage Inappropriate Jokes.
  • Respond to Sexual Harassment Complaints Right Away.


Employers should make every effort to provide a safe and comfortable environment for their employees. Hopefully after you’ve gone over these preventative steps with your workforce, you can get through this season and many more without any problems.